Hi! I'm Danielle.

Thanks for stopping by. I am many things, including a wife, a dog mom, a runner, a writer, and a creativity lover. This is me and my husband in the heart of our lovely home of Charlotte, North Carolina. I moved from Upstate New York in October 2014 and have been in love ever since.

I attended the University at Albany in Upstate New York for both my undergraduate and graduate studies. There I earned a Bachelor's in Accounting (minors in Business Administration and Sociology) and a Master's in Professional Accountancy. I know what you're thinking, accounting and writing aren't exactly related. Well, you're right.

This is my story.

After college, I started my career at a Big 4 accounting firm in New York and then relocated to North Carolina. It was any accounting major's dream. But I soon realized it wasn't mine. After some soul searching, I landed a career in Resource Management at, surprise, an accounting firm.  

Throughout my career journey, I've unearthed my passion for writing. I wrote as a child and hands down preferred papers over tests in school. But it wasn't until I wanted to share my career and life experiences with others that it all started to make sense.  

I'm passionate about telling stories and covering topics that provide knowledge and value to its readers, including career, lifestyle, wellness, and everything else in between.

Thanks for reading!