Gilded Beverage: The Best Craft Cocktail Mix I Didn't Know I Needed

This post was written in partnership with Gilded Beverage.

While I'm all about living a healthy lifestyle, I also love a good drink. I've been known to come home from work and pour myself a glass (or two) of wine while relaxing on the couch with my husband, my dogs, and my latest Netflix binge. 

I love a fancy liquor drink when I'm out at a restaurant or bar, but I usually shy away from drinking cocktails at home because (1.) I can't buy liquor at Target, (2.) I'm too lazy to drive to the closest ABC store, and (3.) making a cocktail intimidates me. I'm capable enough to mix two ingredients together, but other than that I'm pretty much useless. That is until I found Gilded Beverage. 

Gilded Beverage is a line of craft cocktail mixes locally made in Charlotte, NC. Their mixes are fresh, delicious, and more importantly, simple to enjoy. 

I first tried Gilded Beverage at Front Porch Sundays where I sampled almost every mix they offer. I kid you not, I loved them all! From their bloody mary mix to their blueberry lavender-ade to their numerous margarita mixes, everything tasted amazing and like nothing else I had tried before (and that was before the alcohol was added!).

I ended up going home with a bottle of their fall mix, Cranberry Orange Margarita, because it tasted great and call me basic, but I'm a sucker for all things fall. 

Gilded Bev 2.jpeg

The mix can be enjoyed multiple ways and with your alcohol of choice. I experimented with tequila, vodka, and prosecco thinking I would be able to pick a clear favorite. I was wrong. No matter what alcohol I mixed in, they all tasted great! (And my husband thought so, too!) Each providing their own unique flavor, but equally delightful. 

Since I've found my new favorite brand of craft cocktail mixes, I had to learn more. I chatted with the founder, Jake Poole, to learn more about the company, the mixes, and why he decided to start a company that makes your at-home happy hour a lot more delicious.

Who is the mastermind behind Gilded Beverage?

Jake Poole: I created Gilded Beverage after many years of hanging out at friends homes! I always brought some kind of cocktail mix and got pretty good at it. People said I should start bottling it, so I did! 

What’s the story behind Gilded Beverage? 

JP: I started the company a little over a year ago here in Charlotte. I make all the products in a certified kitchen and try to use local products whenever possible. I stay away from anything artificial. No colors, flavors or preservatives that are artificial.  

What kind of craft cocktail mixes do you offer and what are they made of?

JP: We have an ever-changing menu. We try to stay seasonal. Some of our newest flavors for fall are cranberry orange and ginger punch! We will have a spiced sugar plum coming out for the holiday. All of our mixes are gluten-free. Our margaritas are also vegan! 

What’s your favorite Gilded Beverage craft cocktail mix and why?

JP: I love the Jalapeno Margarita! I think it’s because it is so different than anything I have ever had. It’s really unique to Gilded Beverage. We soak fresh jalapeños in freshly squeezed lime juice at a certain temperature that brings out all the fruitiness of the peppers. I love watching people try it for the first time. Everyone loves it! 

Where can people find Gilded Beverage craft cocktail mixes?

JP: We are at Charlotte Regional Farmers market every Saturday. Dean & Deluca South Park carries the entire line and CLT Find in 7th Street Market carries seasonal mixes. We also do lots of fun pop-up markets every month. Our favorite is Front Porch Sunday’s ! 

You can learn more about Gilded Beverage at Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @gildedbeverage.

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Here's how I enjoyed my Cranberry Orange Craft Cocktail Mix. 

Gilded Beverage Recipe.png

Have you tried Gilded Beverage yet? I'd love to hear how you mixed yours!