Friday Five: Things That Have Brought Me Joy Lately

It's so important in life to find the little things that bring you joy each and every day. That joy may come from something that made you laugh, something that you read, or something that made you smile. Here are five things that have brought me joy lately.

This Book

I could hardly put this book down! It was an amazing read and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to live their version of The Big Life. 

This Instagram Post

Photo courtesy of Mavenly + Co.'s Instagram

Photo courtesy of Mavenly + Co.'s Instagram

This work week may have only been four days, but let's be honest, it was rough. Double expresso shot, please?

This Article

All Extremely Happy People Give Up These 17 Behaviors

You are the author of your own life’s story—it’s time to start writing a story that you want to read.
— Matthew Jones, Contributor

These Shoes

I'm obsessed with Keds! I would wear them everyday if I could. These are such fun styles for summer.

This Picture

105 days until this man and I become husband and wife! Just thinking about our wedding puts a smile on my face. 


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