Marathon Training: Week 4

Marathon Training: Week 4

Week 3 of marathon training is done! It was nice to get back into a routine after traveling, but definitely a challenge. Even if I did hit the snooze button more than I wanted, I still got in my planned total mileage of 19.1 miles.

Here's how Week 3 training went:

Monday 7/10: 3-mile evening run (Total Time: 25:41 | Pace: 8:28/mile) 

Tuesday 7/11: 1-hour of yoga. I finally checked out a NC Yoga Bar class at The McGill Rose Garden. The class and the venue were amazing!

Wednesday 7/12: 5-mile morning run (Total Time: 51:48 | Pace: 10:21/mile) 

Thursday 7/13: 20 minutes of strength training

Friday 7/14: 5k Friday! (Total Time: 29:35 | Pace: 9:32/mile) Remeber to hashtag your Friday runs with #5kFridayCLT!

Saturday 7/15: 8-mile morning run (Total Time: 1:23:46 | Pace: 10:28/mile) 

My morning view ✌🏻#helloweekend #runcharlotte #DaniRunsCLT

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Sunday 7/6: Much needed rest day!

What I learned from Week 3: Don't stress about your pace. There are so many factors that play into how fast you run, like time of day, what you eat and drink, the weather, stop lights, the list goes on and on. Don't let fluctuations in pace deter you from getting your miles in. 

Here's what I have planned for Week 4:

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