Marathon Training: Week 6

Marathon Training: Week 6

As I'm writing this recap and planning for Week 6, I'm super sore from my long run and contemplating how, at only week 5, I think I'm already getting black toenails. I never said training for a marathon was glamorous. But I can't wait to see what the next 15 weeks of training has in store for me. 

Here's how Week 5 training went:

Planned weekly mileage: 17.1 miles | Total weekly mileage: 18.4 miles

Monday 7/24: 40 minutes of cross training, including 25 minutes of strength training and 15 minutes of HIIT

Tuesday 7/25:  2.1-mile morning run (Total Time: 20:00 | Pace: 9:08/mile) and 15 minutes of strength training

Wednesday 7/26: Rest

Thursday 7/27: Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Summer Run + Sunset Yoga Ambassador event | 3.1-mile evening run (Total Time: 27:19 | Pace: 8:44/mile) and 1-hour of yoga

Friday 7/28: 3.2-mile morning run (Total Time: 32:04 | Pace: 9:55/mile)

Saturday 7/29:  10-mile morning run (Total Time: 1:41:32 | Pace: 10:09/mile)

10 Miler.jpg

After 10 miles, I earned this 💪🏻

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Sunday 7/30: Leisure 2.7-mile walk with the fiance and the pup

What I learned from Week 5: Get social! Running with people is so fun and motivating. I really enjoy running alone and mentally pushing myself, but I forgot how much I like running in a group. Case in point, I was only planning to run 6 miles on Saturday. (Note, I did swap out my Monday morning 5-miler for cross-training, so I was probably going to add a few miles on to my long run to get my mileage in.) On Saturday morning, I met up with a group of ambassadors and their friends where they were planning to run 10 miles. And guess what, I ran it too. 4 more miles than I planned because I was in great company and had the support to push me along. So text your friends and get to running!

Here's what I have planned for Week 6:

I want to point out that I am not a running coach or really anyone who is extremely knowledgeable and should be turned to for marathon training tips and tricks. This is just my marathon journey and what works for me. I'm currently following a mix of Hal Higdon's Novice 1 and Novice 2 training programs depending on my schedule and availability to run week-to-week.

Do you have any helpful hints for marathon training? I'd love to hear!

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