70 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind While Wedding Planning

I’m so excited to get married! I can’t wait to spend time celebrating with our family and friends and to start our life as husband and wife. It’s a dream come true. But to have the happily ever after, you need to plan it.

By the time Doug and I get married, we’ll have been engaged for a little over a year and half. That is plenty of time to plan a wedding (and get stressed and excited and overwhelmed and excited again). I’m not sure if this is the case with most bride-to-be's, but wedding planning is constantly on my mind in some capacity. There is so much to do and so many details to think about, it can drive you a bit bonkers. Here’s a glimpse into what’s been running through my head for the past year.

  1. We’re engaged!! This is the best day of my life! Until the wedding of course. Then that will be the best day of my life.

  2. I’m a fiance! And I’m going to be a wife. That sounds weird.

  3. When should we get married? Spring? Fall? Well, the weather is NY is crappy like 360 days a year, so I’d say the odds are not in our favor no matter when we pick.

  4. Fall it is! September 16th. Only 500 days!

  5. I can’t wait to check my Pinterest board to get ideas.

  6. What is that? I hate that. When did I think that would be a good idea? That would never be a good idea.

  7. Ooo that’s pretty! I love that. We need to have that.

  8. It costs how much? Nevermind, we can live without it.

  9. Why is everything so expensive?

  10. Photographers cost how much? Only $10,000 and my first born child. Cool. I’ll pick up disposable cameras instead.

  11. Omg, disposable cameras! Do those still exist?

  12. How are we supposed to look at venues in NY when we live in Charlotte?

  13. Families are they best. I trust their judgement, but Facetime me when you’re there. I just want to check it out.

  14. Why did that person ask if we were having a theme? Do we need a theme for our wedding? Is that a thing?

  15. *Scrolls infinitely through Pinterest* I can’t make up my mind. We’re not having a theme.

  16. Did you hear that wedding gods? We’re rebels getting married without a theme!

  17. I hope it looks like a wedding once our decorations are set-up. I have no idea what I'm doing.

  18. I’m so excited to go wedding dress shopping!

  19. Yay! This is like dress up for adults.

  20. I hate this dress. And this one. And this one too.

  21. Where is Randy and why am I not at Kleinfelds?

  22. This is pretty! I think this is it. But I’m not crying. Where is my moment? I can’t say yes to the dress without the moment.

  23. Screw it. I really like it. I’m buying it. 

  24. Now, I really need to start working out. I want to look great in my dress.

  25. There’s going to be so many photos. That will exist forever. For our children to see. What if I don’t look good? So. Many. Photos.

  26. Aww, 1 year until our wedding!

  27. Wait, what about bridesmaid dresses? Long or short, matching or not matching, and what color?

  28. Ugh, so many decisions.

  29. I need to write this down before I forget it.

  30. *Calls sister/MOH for the 1,000th time to talk about wedding planning* My sister is definitely sick of talking about this.

  31. Why is our guest list so long? We know this many people? We don't know this many people.

  32. When do I have to send save the dates?

  33. Omg, we get to take engagement pictures! That’s going to be so much fun.

  34. These photos are amazing. I never want to look at anything else but these photos ever again.

  35. I haven’t done any wedding planning in awhile. Is this normal?

  36. I’m forgetting something. I must be forgetting something.

  37. Invitations are literally just paper that people are going to throw away.

  38. Spending money on this is dumb.

  39. Imagine the vacation we could take if we just used this money to travel instead.

  40. Duh, the honeymoon!

  41. Where should we go? Somewhere exotic? Somewhere with lots of site-seeing? Somewhere with a beach?

  42. That resort costs how much? That’s more than we’re spending on the entire reception.

  43. This one looks nice. All-inclusive food and beverage. Sold.

  44. *Calls mom for the milllionth time to talk about wedding planning* Thank goodness for moms.

  45. What was that thing that I was going to write down but didn’t and now I can’t remember what it was?

  46. Do we really need favors? What have I gotten at other weddings? Oh yeah, that thing. That’s still sitting in our drawer. Untouched since we brought it home. Yeah, no. We don’t need favors.

  47. Invitations are sent! No turning back now.

  48. Only three months until the wedding!!!

  49. How should I do my hair and makeup? So many options.

  50. False eyelashes? Sure, I’ll try those.

  51. Wait, these feel weird. I don’t know about these.

  52. *Sees self in pictures with false eyelashes* Why do I look like that? Are my eyes closed? I can’t wear these for the wedding. I look like a fool.

  53. I should probably check in with our vendors. It’s been awhile. I hope they didn’t forget about us.

  54. What if they forgot about us? What are we going to do? We’re not going to have a photographer and we’ll have a dance floor with no dancing because our DJ forgot about us!

  55. Phew, they remember us. Crisis averted.

  56. Emails. So. Many. Emails.

  57. I love getting RSVP cards in the mail. It’s like Christmas everyday.

  58. I am not looking forward to putting together a seating chart. Can’t they just sit wherever they want?

  59. I'm so thankful for my friends that let me talk their ear off about our wedding.

  60. Holy crap, our wedding is only two months away. When did that happen?

  61. We haven't received any RSVP cards in the mail in a while. *crickets*

  62. I’m so over this. Can we just go to city hall and get married?

  63. Wait, can we? Is that an option?

  64. Nope. We put down refundable deposits months ago. I wonder if we can get them back.

  65. Stop it. We’re not getting married at city hall.

  66. We’re going to have a beautiful wedding and all of this stress is going to be worth it.

  67. OMG, we're getting married. I'm going to be a wife.

  68. I can't wait for our wedding day!! It's going to be the BEST. DAY. EVER.

  69. I'm stressed and excited and overwhelmed and happy and exhausted. ALL. THE. EMOTIONS.

  70. I'm ready for a cocktail and the beach. Is it time for the honeymoon yet?


Have you planned a wedding or are you currently planning yours? I'd love to hear about it!