One Year of Marriage

Photo by  Denko Imaging

Photo by Denko Imaging

I’m in disbelief how fast this past year has gone by. The last thing I knew, I was still a fiancé, and I was prepping all the final wedding details. Fast forward 365 days, and we’re celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary.

A lot of people have asked me this past year, “How’s married life?” And my usual response would be, “About the same as it was before, besides the hassle of changing my last name.”

Which is the truth. Doug and I have been married one year, but together almost eight. At this point, we’ve known each other for nearly a third of our lives (which sounds crazy!).

So going from dating life to married life wasn’t a huge change. We had already moved in together, bought a house together, and were raising two dogs together. It was a pretty seamless transition.

Even though there were no earth-shattering changes after we got married, I still learned a lot in a year. The most important of which is that no matter how hectic life gets or how busy your schedules are, always make time for each other.

Make time to ask how each others days were. Make time to eat dinner together. Get a date night in the books. Just because you live together and see each other all the time, doesn’t mean you’re spending quality time together. So make the time.

All relationships are hard work and marriage is no exception. But there is nothing better in the world than all the little moments that make a marriage, like kisses goodnight, belly laughs until you cry, and encouraging words during tough times.

Now if you excuse me, I have an anniversary cake to dig into (that if I’m being honest, I’m shocked has made it a full year without me breaking into it).

If you want to relive the fun of our wedding day, I’m sharing our wedding video that the fantastic Brentoe Productions filmed for us.

Side note: I almost didn't book a videographer for our wedding because I thought it was an unnecessary expense. But I’m SO glad I did. If there’s anything I recommend future brides to do, it's to film the wedding. It’s so cool to look back and see the fun and movements of people from that day that can’t be captured in photos.